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Customer experience is a multidimensional interactive process between a brand and a person. It is developed through the points of contact that link them together. It includes all the stages that occur from the recognition of the brand to its recommendation, through its purchase and use. Brandit Marketing Solutions is one of the top branding and advertising firms in the Manchester, NH – Boston, MA area. We consider that the objective of designing experiences should go beyond mere customer satisfaction. It should contribute to the construction and base of the unconditional and active promoters of the brand.

Environmental branding starts with a vision for the brand experience you want to extend to everyone who walks through your doors. That includes employees, clients, customers, investors and even your vendors. What are the personality traits, values, and messages you want your audience to notice about your brand when they walk into your space?

Environmental Branding is an Important Part of the Marketing Mix.

Every detail in your space provides an opportunity to communicate your brand. Effective environmental branding takes full advantage of all these opportunities. It creates a connection between with an individual through what is around them, so that they may be able to experience your brand with all their senses. Some pieces they will feel directly, and some will be indirect influences that they do not even realize are affecting them. In turn, this creates a deeper connection from the customer to the brand.

The customer experience is a critical strategic process that should not be reduced to tactical actions such as events, street marketing, ambient marketing, or merchandising; These activities contribute to generating notoriety and engagement of the brand.

Thus, a coherent and consistent strategy is prepared to combine all the points of contact with the corporate, marketing, and branding objectives of your organization.

Sustainable customer experience must be based on three key pillars:

  • Design a unique experience for the targeted customers.
  • The generation of added value is differentiated by the type of customer at each point of contact.
  • Efficiency: development of the organizational capabilities necessary to continually exceed customer expectations.

At Brandit Marketing Solutions, we help you identify and select the key interactions between your different customer segments and your brand. We design, develop, integrate, and implement a strategic customer experience plan. We provide an operational deployment, adjusting each of the phases until a level of maturity is developed. The plan considers all the requirements of your organization and the expectations of your customers.

The Brandit team will bring life to your office space through our creativity and ability to bring fresh and trending ideas to light. This is what sets us apart from our competition. We have a successful track record for being both resourceful and efficient in delivering finished projects that exceed our client’s expectations.

Although we are in the Manchester, NH – Boston, MA area, our services span throughout the Country. If nd are looking for a professional Environmental Branding Firm to update your space or launch your new campaign, Brandit provides the best services and solutions to build your brand.

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